Joseph Hanly

Joseph Hanly

Joseph Hanly

Postdoctoral Scientist


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The development and evolution of wing pattern in the butterflies.

Hanly, J. J., Wallbank, R. W., McMillan, W. O., & Jiggins, C. D. (2019). Conservation and flexibility in the gene regulatory landscape of Heliconiine butterfly wings. bioRxiv, 541599.

Jiggins, C. D., Wallbank, R. W. R., & Hanly, J. J. "Waiting in the wings: what can we learn about gene co-option from the diversification of butterfly wing patterns?." Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 372.1713 (2017): 20150485.

Hanly, J. J. (2017). Developmental Basis of Wing Pattern Diversity in Heliconius Butterflies (Doctoral dissertation, University of Cambridge).

BSc, (hons) Developmental Biology w/IE, University of Manchester, UK, 2012

MPhil, Developmental Mechanisms, University of Cambridge, UK, 2013

PhD, Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge, UK, 2017