Department of Biological Sciences

Welcome to the Department of Biological Sciences. The Biological Sciences major is one of the most popular in the Columbian College, especially among students preparing for medical, dental, and veterinary programs and graduate programs in biology, zoology and botany. 

Degree programs in the Department of Biological Sciences are offered at the BA, BS, MS, and PhD levels. Courses and ongoing research programs are focused in 3 general areas; cell and molecular biology, ecology and evolution, and systematics. In research laboratories, undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty work together on projects that range from dinosaur evolution through an investigation of how misfolded proteins interfere with insulin production. Many undergraduate students go on to employment in government or the biotech industry or extend their education by pursuing degrees in the health sciences or advanced degrees in biology. The Washington DC metropolitan area has one of the highest concentrations of life scientists in the world and many of our faculty members have working relationships with scientists at surrounding education and federal institutions. We are especially proud of our more than 100 year collaboration with the National Museum of Natural History of the Smithsonian Institution.