In the Department of Biological Sciences, challenging science courses are just one part of a holistic approach to learning. Our curriculum integrates traditional study with individual mentorship in the lab and service learning and sustainable projects in the community, for a truly interdisciplinary experience.

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"Perhaps the most exciting part of our work is the immediacy of it all. Never before has there been a greater need to understand wetlands ecosystems, as it might soon be too late.​​​"

Kathryn Norman
MS '18

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jg_collomb Circle of LifeConservationist and nonprofit leader JG Collomb, B.S. ’96, is an advocate for peaceful coexistence between humans and animals.
lots_of_adult_cicadas Cicadapalooza! Historic Insect Convergence Bugs Midwest StatesTwo broods of cicadas are emerging simultaneously in 17 states—a phenomenon that last occurred more than 200 years ago.