Combined BS in Neuroscience/MS in Biology

A group of three students in gloves looking closely at a slide on a lab table

Qualified students may pursue the combined Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and Master of Science in Biology degree. The accelerated program allows students to complete six graduate credits as part of their undergraduate program.

Course material for BS in Neuroscience/MS in Biology students includes options such as Brain and Language, Evolutionary Ecology and Neural Circuits and Behavior, as well as thesis or non-thesis tracks. Students also enjoy unique departmental resources and opportunities for independent research.


How to Apply

Students interested in the combined program should confer with the Biology Department's director of graduate studies early in their junior year. All applicants must complete a Columbian College Combined Degree Application Form for approval by the director of graduate studies.


CCAS Combined Degree Programs


Course Requirements

All requirements for both the BS in Neuroscience and the MS in Biology must be completed. Contact the director of graduate studies for more information.