Arnaud Martin

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Arnaud Martin

Associate Professor of Biology



Evolutionary and Developmental genetics of butterflies and Moths


Our team is interested in the genetic and developmental mechanisms underlying pattern formation and structural coloration in butterfly wings.

(*: equal contributions)

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Assistant Professor, tenure-track, The George Washington University, Department of Biological Sciences, Washington DC, 2016

Post-Doctoral Researcher, University of California – Berkeley (Advisor: Nipam Patel), 2014-2015

Post-Doctoral Researcher, Cornell University/ University of California - Irvine. (advisor: Robert Reed. Host lab and co-advisor: Thomas Schilling), 2012-2014

Ph.D. in Biological Sciences - Evolutionary Genetics group, University of California – Irvine ; Thesis: The developmental genetics of color pattern evolution in butterflies (advisor: Robert Reed), 2007-2012

Master in Molecular and Cellular Biology, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon ; Thesis: Development and diversity of rodent palatal rugae profiles in rodents. (Advisors: Vincent Laudet, Sophie Pantalacci). 2006-2007

License (B.S.) in Molecular and Cellular Biology , Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon / Université Lyon I. 2003-2006