Jonathan Huie

Jonathan Huie

Jonathan Huie

PhD Student


Currently studying the limb biomechanics and water-to-land transition in salamanders

B.S., Marine Biology & Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, Double Major, University of Washington, U.S.A., 2019.

Huie, J.M., Summers, A.P., and Kawano, S.M. (2022). SegmentGeometry: a tool for measuring second moment of area in 3D Slicer. Integrative Organismal Biology, 4(1): 1-10.

Woodruff, E.C., Huie, J.M., Summers, A.P., and Cohen, K.E. (2022). Pacific Spiny Lumpsucker armor - development, damage, and defense in the intertidal. Journal of Morphology, 283(2): 164-173.

Huie, J.M., Prates, I., Bell, R.C., and de Queiroz, K. (2021). Convert patterns of adaptive radiation between island and mainland Anolis lizards. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 134(1): 85-110.

Huie, J.M., Thacker, C.E. and Tornabene, L. (2020). Co‐evolution of cleaning and feeding morphology in western Atlantic and eastern Pacific gobies. Evolution, 74: 419-433.

Huie, J.M., Summers, A.P., and Kolmann, M.A. (2019). Body shape separates guilds of rheophilic herbivores (Myleinae: Serrasalmidae) better than feeding morphology. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, 166(1), 1-15.

Kolmann, M.A., Huie, J.M., Evans, K., and Summers, A.P. (2018). Specialized specialists and the narrow niche fallacy: a tale of scale-feeding fishes. Royal Society open science, 5(1), 171581.