Christa Heryanto

Christa Heryanto
Research Assistant
[email protected]
Eleftherianos Lab

Current Research

Drosophila innate immunity


B.App.Sc, Biology and Medical Laboratory Research, Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 2011.


Heryanto C., Kenney E., & Eleftherianos I. (2019) "A workflow for infection of Drosophila with entomopathogenic nematodes to monitor immune gene transcriptional activity". Springer Protocols Handbook in Molecular Biology. Submitted.

Patrnogic J., Heryanto C., & Eleftherianos I. (2018) "Wounding-induced upregulation of the Bone Morphogenic Protein signaling pathway in Drosophila promotes survival against parasitic nematode infection". Gene, 673: 112-118.

Patrnogic J., Heryanto C., & Eleftherianos I. (2018) "Transcriptional up-regulation of the TGF-β intracellular signaling transducer Mad of Drosophila larvae in response to parasitic nematode infection". Innate Immunity, 24: 349-356.

Patrnogic J., Castillo JC., Shokal U., Yadav S., Kenney E., Heryanto C., Ozakman Y., & Eleftherianos I. (2018) "Pre-exposure to non-pathogenic bacteria does not protect Drosophila against the entomopathogenic bacterium Photorhabdus". PLoS ONE, 13: e0205256

Classes Taught

BISC 3209: Molecular Biology Lab