Each Friday during the academic year the department offers a Friday afternoon seminar featuring special speakers and visiting scholars. Seminars are held at 3:00 pm in Bell Hall 309.

Date Speaker Title Host
September 2 Dr. Carolyn Tepolt "Rapid adaptation in the sea: transcriptomic insights from marine invaders" Mollie Manier
September 9 Dr. Nicola Franchi, University of Padova "The Complement System Appears Out of Nowhere: Are We Sure?" Courtney Smith
September 16
Departmental Safety Seminar - Mandatory for faculty and grad students
**Note Location Change: 1957 E 113
September 23 Dr. Kate Buckley, GWU "Gene regulatory network approaches to understanding the origins of deuterostome immunity" Courtney Smith
September 30
Harlan Poster Session
**Note Time and Location Change: 4:00-5:00 pm, Lehman Auditorium, Reception to follow
October 7 Dr. James Clark; Joao Tonini; Diti Chatterjee Bhowmick TBA Internal
October 14 Dr. Mollie Manier; Dr. Sneh Harsh, Upasana Shokal TBA Internal
October 21 Dr. Randall Packer "Regulation of ion balance by fish gills and rat renal epithelia" Internal
October 28 Dr. Eva-Stina Edholm, URMC "Two different MHC class I-like restricted invariant T cell lineages with distinct immune functions in the amphibian Xenopus laevis" Leon Grayfer
November 4 Dr. Kim Paczolt, University of Maryland TBA Mollie Manier
November 11 Dr. Dan Larson, NIH TBA Alex Jeremic
November 18 Catriona Hendry Graduate Thesis Presentation Alex Pyron
November 25
December 2 Jesus Ballesteros Graduate Thesis Presentation Gustavo Hormiga
December 9 Dr. Nancy Knowlton, Smithsonian Institute TBA Keryn Gedan


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