Robert P. Donaldson

Robert Donaldson

Robert P. Donaldson

Emeritus Professor of Biology

Cellular & Molecular Biology


Professor Donaldson served as Department Chair and faculty Co-Director for Undergraduate Research at GW in association with the Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships (CUFR).  Also, a Fulbright Senior Specialist for Science Education. He specializes in oxidations in peroxisomes.

Cell and molecular biology, plant biochemistry; proteins of peroxisomes; protein oxidation; hydrogen peroxide metabolism. 

My laboratory research concerns the production of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and its effects on proteins such as those found in peroxisomes.  H2O2 is produced by oxidases, such as glucose oxidase and fatty acid oxidases.  H2O2 can be consumed by antioxidant activities such as catalase and ascorbate peroxidase in peroxisomes.  The research involves biochemical analyses together with computational modeling.  I also collaborate with Profs. Alex Jeremic and Akos Vertes on the physical characteristics of the pancreatic amylin peptide as it interacts with copper ions or forms toxic aggregates.  This research involves the use of mass spectroscopy techniques developed in Prof. Vertes lab.  If not detoxified H2O2 can oxidize proteins resulting in a loss of function.  I am also interested in education research, in particular the effects of active learning on student performance in undergraduate biology courses.

BISC 1111 - Introductory Biology: Cell and Molecules

BISC 2305 - Plant biology

BISC 2538 - Biology of Proteins

BISC 4180 - Undergraduate Research Seminar

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B.A., Biology, University of Texas, 1964
M.S., Botany, Miami University, OH, 1966
Ph.D., Biochemistry, Michigan State University, MI, 1971