R. Alexander Pyron

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R. Alexander Pyron

Robert F. Griggs Associate Professor of Biology

Systematics, Evolution & Ecology


Office Phone: 202-994-6616


Systematics of reptiles and amphibians; Theory and practice of statistical phylogenetics.

My research focuses on theoretical and applied methods in statistical phylogenetics, using reptiles and amphibians as model groups. In an organismal context, I study the factors that drive speciation at local geographic scales, and the evolutionary forces responsible for broad-scale macroecological patterns in the distribution and diversity of extant species. I am also interested in statistical and analytical methodologies for divergence time estimation and phylogenetic inference using multi-locus datasets.

Recent Publications (2016-Present):

Arteaga, A., Salazar-Venezuela, D., Mebert, K., Peñafiel, N., Aguiar, G., Sánchez-Nivicela, J.C., Pyron, R.A., Colston, T.J., Cisneros-Heredia, D.F., Yánez-Muñoz, M.H., Venegas, P.J., Guayasamin, J.M., and O. Torres-Carvajal. 2018. Systematics of snail eating snakes (Serpentes, Dipsadini), with the description of five new species from Ecuador and Peru. ZooKeys 76:79-147.

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Tucker, D.B., Hedges, S.B., Colli, G.R., Pyron, R.A., and J.W. Sites, Jr. 2017. Genomic timetree and historical biogeography of Caribbean island Ameivalizards (Pholidoscelis: Teiidae). Ecology and Evolution 2017(7):7080-7090.

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Pyron, R.A.2017. Novel approaches for phylogenetic inference from morphological data and total-evidence dating in squamate reptiles (lizards, snakes, and amphisbaenians). Systematic Biology66(1):38-86.

Sayyed, A., Pyron, R.A., and N. Dahanukar. 2016. Cnemaspis flaviventralis, a new species of day gecko (Squamata: Gekkonidae) from the Western Ghats of Maharashtra, India. Journal of Threatened Taxa8(14):9616-9629.

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Pyron, R.A., Arteaga, A., Echevarria, L.Y., and O. Torres-Carvajal. 2016. A revision and key for the tribe Diaphorolepidini (Serpentes: Dipsadidae) and checklist for the genus Synophis. Zootaxa4171(2):293-320.

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Feldman, A., Pyron, R.A., Sabath, N., Mayrose, I., and S. Meiri. 2016. Body sizes and diversification rates of lizards, snakes, amphisbaenians and the tuatara. Global Ecology and Biogeography25(2):187-197.

B.S., Piedmont College, 2004.
PhD., MS., MPhil., The City of New York University, 2009

BISC 6211 - Biogeography

BISC 6214 - The Phylogenetic Basis of Comparative Biology