Guillermo Orti

Guillermo Orti
Louis Weintraub Professor of Biology
Lisner Hall 411
[email protected]

Areas of Expertise

Molecular systematics and phylogeography.

Current Research

I am an evolutionary biologist with a primary interest in molecular systematics, phylogeography, and ecological genetics and genomics. My research has focused on a diversity of biological systems and questions conceptually unified by a phylogenetic perspective. Most of my work has been empirical, based on comparative DNA sequence and microsatellite data analysis, predominantly focusing on the evolution of fishes. I have been actively leading NSF-funded projects to assemble the tree of life for all fishes, such as the DeepFin Research Coordination Network (, the Euteleost Tree of Life Project (EToL), and the FishLife Project ( My lab is now applying a new set of genome-wide exon markers to infer fish phylogenies, based on target capture approaches and next-gen sequencing. The molecular phylogenies of fishes produced by these efforts are the basis of a new phylogenetic classification for bony fishes. I have done fieldwork and fish collections in Patagonia, the Amazon, the Caribbean, and Galápagos.



Licenciado en Biología, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina (1981)
Ph.D., Department of Ecology and Evolution, Stony Brook University, New York  (1995)



For a complete list of publications see my Google Scholar Page at


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National Geographic TV documentary “Megapiranha”  (Explorer series), Air date 17 May 2011. Expedition to the Xingu River featured in the show took place in August 2010.