Damien O'Halloran

Damien O'Halloran
Associate Professor of Biology
Bell Hall 307
[email protected]
O'Halloran Lab

Current Research

Circuit neurobiology

My lab broadly studies how neural circuits are built during development and function in adulthood; we use the model organism Caenorhabditis elegans to answer these questions. In terms of circuit function, our research has covered gustatory and thermosensory circuits in C. elegans but our main focus examines olfaction. Previous work identified a protein kinase G (PKG) called EGL-4 that is necessary for short and long-term olfactory adaptation in C. elegans. It has been shown that transient nuclear localization of EGL-4 in the AWC neuron facilitates adaptation after sustained odor input, and my lab has demonstrated that constitutively nuclear EGL-4 is required in the AWB neurons (another pair of olfactory neurons) for the detection of repellent odors. Our research also revealed that the cyclic nucleotide gated (CNG) channel subunit CNG-3 is necessary for short-term adaptation in the AWC neurons, and a separate CNG channel subunit called CNG-1 is required to promote cross adaptation responses between distinct olfactory cues. In terms of circuit development, my lab began examining the family of sodium calcium exchangers (NCX). We chose this family based on extensive literature implicating calcium in circuit development. From our research into NCX, we have found a link between calcium homeostasis via NCX and circuit patterning within a subset of motor neurons in C. elegans.

Parasitic Nematodes

My lab also studies the neurobiology of nematode parasitism. We are attempting to understand the host factors which are sensed by parasitic nematodes that initiate the infection process. The insect parasite Heterorhabditis bacteriophora offers great potential as a model of nematode parasitism; with its endosymbiotic bacteria - Photorhabdus luminescens - H. bacteriophora invades multiple insect species (including Drosophila melanogaster), which it kills and exploits as a food source for the development of several nematode generations. When the insect cadaver is exhausted, infective (dauer) juveniles (IJs) exit and seek a new host to infect. We are using the Drosophila-Heterorhabditis system to study the infection process. My lab is also interested in the neurobiology of anthelminthic drug activity, and have identified strains of anthelminthic resistant hookworm which we are studying to understand anthelminthic resistance.


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