Catherine Forster

Cathy Foster

Catherine Forster

Professor Emerita of Biology

Systematics, Evolution & Ecology


Office Phone: (202) 994-1008
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Paleontology and systematics of dinosaurs; field collection of Mesozoic vertebrates.

Professor Forster is also involved in the Geological Sciences Systematics and Paleontology of Dinosaurs Program, particularly interested in Ornithischia.

My research involves the interpretation of Mesozoic-age fossils, particularly dinosaurs. My first love is the primary description of new taxa, including phylogenetic analysis of their position on the tree of life. Although I work primarily on dinosaurs, I have also happily done research on cynodonts, birds, crocodilians, and turtles. My current projects:

Late Cretaceous Birds from Madagascar

Numerous exquisitely-preserved bird fossils, mostly consisting of isolated elements, have been collected from the Late Cretaceous Maeverano Fm. from 1993 to the present. Dr. P. O’Connor (Ohio University) and I are describing these materials and placing them within a phylogenetic context. This avifauna is extremely diverse and spans a broad phylogenetic spectrum from very primitive to almost modern-looking forms. This work is part of a large, multi-faceted, NSF-funded research project in Mahajanga Basin of Madagascar, led by Dr. D. Krause, Stony Brook University.


South African Igunaodontian

My colleague W. de Klerk (Albany Museum) and I are describing a new iguanodontian dinosaur from the Early Cretaceous Kirkwood Fm., South Africa. We have the remains of at least 26 tiny, juvenile individuals collected from a single, small bone-bed horizon that may represent a nesting site. Nearly all specimens occur as isolated elements, but are often beautifully preserved. This new species is one of only three named ornithopod dinosaurs from all of southern Africa.


Basal ornithopod from China

My longstanding interest in ornithopods has been invigorated by our resent discovery (see Dr. James Clark’s faculty page) of multiple individuals of a small, presumably basal, ornithopod in the Middle Jurassic Shishugou Fm., Xinjiang Autonomous Region, China. I am completing a full description of this taxon, and using the phylogenetic analysis of its placement within early ornithischians as a springboard to a larger project on ornithopod phylogeny (see below).


Ornithopod Evolution

While still in its initial stages, a large phylogenetic study of Ornithopoda will form my next large research project in conjection with my colleague Dr. D. Weishampel (Johns Hopkins Univ.). Although phylogenies of portions of Ornithopoda exist, no study has yet attempted to examine the entire clade which, we feel, is necessary to gain a more thorough understanding of character evolution and tree topology in this large and diverse group.


Yinlong downsi

Another extremely interesting new taxon from the Shishugou Fm., China, is the most primitive and oldest ceratopsian, Yinlong (see publication list below). I and colleagues J. Clark and X. Xu are currently writing up the long description of this taxon. Its unusual morphology serves as a great starting point for the innovations evolved in later ceratopsians (see below).


Ceratopsid Evolution

Ceratopsid evolution is extremely restricted in both time (Late Cretaceous) and space (North America).  Along with colleagues S. Sampson (Utah), A. Farke (Webb School), and M. Loewen (Utah), we are beginning an NSF-funded study of of ceratopsid evolution. This study will include the description of a number of new taxa, a complete phylogenetic analysis of all ceratopsid species, biogeographic analysis, and an investigation into the tempo of ceratopsid evolution as it relates (or doesn’t) to the transgressive-regressive cycles of the Late Cretaceous Interior Seaways.


Field Work

My current field work involves two areas: the Late Cretaceous Maevarano Fm., Madagascar, and the Middle Jurassic Shishugou Fm., China. I am actively working on Kirkwood Fm. materials (Early Cretaceous, South Africa), and hope to work there again in the near future.

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B.A., B.S., University of Minnesota, 1982

M.S., University of Pennsylvania, 1985

Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1990

Post-Doctoral Work: Dept. Of Organismal Biology, University of Chicago (1990-1994)

GEOL 1002 – Historical Geology

GEOL/BISC 2151 – The History of Life

GEOL 3126 – Sedimentology and Stratigraphy