Aidan Manubay

Assistant Professor of Biology


Email: Aidan Manubay
Bell 307


Ecology, Evolution, Behavior, Tropical Biology, Entomology, and Social Insects

Manubay, J. A., & Powell, S. (2020). Detection of prey odours underpins dietary specialization in a Neotropical top‐predator: How army ants find their ant prey. Journal of Animal Ecology, 89(5), 1165-1174.


Manubay, J. A. (2019). Causes and Ecological Context of Dietary Specialization in Neotropical Army Ants (Doctoral Dissertation). Retrieved from

BISC 1005 The Biology of Nutrition & Health

BISC 1006 The Ecology & Evolution of Organisms

BISC 1111 Introductory Biology: Cells and Molecules

BISC 1112 Introductory Biology: The Biology of Organisms

Ph.D. Biological Sciences, George Washington University, USA 2019. Dissertation: "Causes and ecological context of dietary specialization in Neotropical army ants."


B.S. Biological Sciences, University of Maryland College Park, USA 2013. Thesis: "The rare female reproductive soldier caste in the termite Zootermopsis nevadensis: Observations on ecological contexts inducing differentiation and behaviors."