Each Friday during the academic year the department offers a Friday afternoon seminar featuring special speakers and visiting scholars. Seminars are held at 3:00 pm. See below for our most current seminars.

Spring 2014

(Phillips Hall, room B156)

Date Speaker Title Host
January 17 Stuart Davies, Center for Tropical Forest Science "On the Diversity and Dynamics of Forests: recent results from a global forest observing system" Amy Zanne
January 24 Ashley Egan "Dating the Origins of Polyploidy Events: Evidence from Soybean and Allies" Amy Zanne
January 31 Dr. Jay Evans, USDA Bee Research Laboratory "Honey bee host-microbe interactions and disease" Ioannis Eleftherianos
February 7 Jeffery Huang, Georgetown University "Regulation of neural receptor cell differentiation in CNS myelin regeneration" Damien O'Halloran
February 14

Dr. Netanya Spencer, University of Iowa- Jeremic postdoc candidate

"From Electron Spin resonance to crisper genome editing: Unraveling nuclear NOX4/G6PD- meidated redox signaling pathways" Alexander Jeremic
February 21 Allan Spralding, Carnegie Institute in Baltimore  "Transposon site- specificity and evolution" Mollie Manier
February 28 Bob Kula, NMNH - USDA "Panning for gold and searching for needles in haystacks: Braconid wasp systematics and biodiversity in temperate and boreal ecosystems" Jonh Lill
March 7 Graham Slater, National Musuem of Natural History "Tempo and mode of morphological evolution in mammals” Scott Powell
March 14 Spring Break
March 21 Susi Zajitschek, GWU- Postdoc in the Manier Lab TBA Mollie Manier
March 28 Karen Lips, University of Maryland "Amphibian Population Declines: Complex Causes and Consequences for Global Amphibian Biodiversity" Alex Pyron
April 4 Nalini Pooniamorthy, Syracuse University "Sex, flies and videotape: Geographic variation in mating behavior and sexual selection in a widespread dung fly, Sepsis punctum" Mollie Manier
April 11 Susan Mackern, National Cancer Institute  "Insights on the developmental basis of digit variation from mouse mutants" Jim Clark
April 18 Gwyneth Card, HHMI Janelia Farm "Should I stay or should I go? Studying action selection in fly escape circuits" Damien O'Halloran
April 25 Jeremy Bealulieu, National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis "Exploring hetergeneity in flowering plant evolution" Amy Zanne