George Washington University Systematics and Evolution Faculty

John Burns - Comparative Morphology and Evolution of Fishes
Sheri Church - Speciation; Phylogenetics and Molecular Evolution of Plants and Other Organisms
James Clark - Systematics and Paleontology of Dinosaurs and Crocodylomorpha
Catherine Forster - Systematics and Paleontology of Dinosaurs
Patricia Hernandez - Developmental Biology, Functional Morphology, and Evolution of Fishes
Gustavo Hormiga - Systematics and Evolutionary Biology of Spiders
Robert Knowlton (emeritus)- Invertebrate Zoology, Ecology (marine, physiological), and Development
Diana Lipscomb - Systematics and Evolution of Protista and Lower Invertebrates
Courtney Smith - Molecular Evolution of the Deuterostome Immune System

National Museum of Natural History Curators Currently Serving as Graduate Research Directors or Committee Members

Matthew Carrano - Paleobiology (Adjunct GW Faculty)
Kevin de Queiroz - Reptiles and Amphibians (Adjunct GW Faculty)
Kristian Fauchald - Invertebrate Zoology (Adjunct GW Faculty)
Lynne Parenti - Fishes (Adjunct GW Faculty)
David Pawson - Invertebrate Zoology (Adjunct GW Faculty)
Lawrence Skog - Botany
Hans-Dieter Sues - Paleobiology (Adjunct GW Faculty)
F. Christian Thompson - Entomology (USDA-SEL) (Adjunct GW Faculty)
Stan Weitzman - Fishes (Adjunct GW Faculty)

Other Adjunct Faculty

Marc Allard - FDA (Adjunct GW Faculty)