Spring 2011

Date Speaker Title Host
January 21 Luisa Wu, University of Maryland "Recognistion And Phagoctosis of Bacteria in Drosophila melanogaster" Smith, Ioannis Elfentherianos
January 28 Kathryn Walters-Conte Dissertation Seminar Diana Johnson
February 4  Nick Pyenson, Smithsonian "The evolution of lunge-feeding in rorqual whales: an integrative approach using evidence from comparative methods, biomechanics and the fossil record" Jim Clark
February 11 Katie Staab, GWU PhD Candidate Dissertation Seminar Hernandez
February 18 Dr. David Inouye, University of Maryland, NSF "The effects of global and regional climate change on wildflowers and animals in the Colorado Rocky Mountains" John Lill
February 25 T'ai Roulston, Blandy Experimental Farm, University of Virginia "Flying Herbavores That sometimes Pollinate" Toward A Revised Understanding of Bee - Plant Relations"

Stoepler/John Lill

March 4 Thomas Finger, University of Colorado, Denver "Sorting food from mud: Brainstemcircuitry for taste-mediated food selection by goldfish" Hernandez
March 11 J. Conra, New York College of Osteopathic Medicine "Climbing the Squamate Tree" Monsters, Dragons, Skinks and Snakes" Jim Clark
March 18 Spring Break
March 25 Weiqun Peng, GWU- Physics Department "Understanding the epigenome: from statistical analysis to biology" Donaldson
April 1 Dusan Palic, Iowa State University "Why fish don't wear sunscreen: environmental stress effects on fish immune responses" Jeremic
April 8 Divya Uma, University of Maryland "Webs, Chemicals and Deception: predator-prey interactions between wasps and spiders" Stoepler/John Lill
April 15 Michael Cummings, University of Maryland "Quantifyinh lineage divergence: the geneological sorting index" Guillermo Orti
April 22 Undergraduate Honors Students Senior Honors Presentations Smith
April 29 John Jaenike, University of Rochester "Endosymbiont-mediated protection against nematode parasitism" Ioannis Eleftherianos