Matthew LeFauve

PhD Student
[email protected]

Current Research

I look at sensory ecology in freshwater fish using morphology, behavior, and physiology techniques.


B.S., Animal Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation, Canisius College, USA, 2014

M.S., Biology, American University, USA 2016


LeFauve, M. K., & Connaughton, V. P. (2017). Developmental exposure to heavy metals alters visually-guided behaviors in zebrafish. Current zoology, 63(2), 221-227.

Peterson, E. K., Buchwalter, D. B., Kerby, J. L., LeFauve, M. K., Varian-Ramos, C. W., & Swaddle, J. P. (2017). Integrative behavioral ecotoxicology: bringing together fields to establish new insight to behavioral ecology, toxicology, and conservation. Current zoology, 63(2), 185-194.

LeFauve, M. K., & Margulis, S. W. (2015). Functionality in tool use in Western lowland gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla). Animal Behavior and Cognition, 2(1), 96-104.