Man Qi

Postdoctoral Scientist
[email protected]
Man Qi's Research

Current Research

1. Coastal marsh plant die-back threatened by sea level rise

2. Priority effect on marsh plant reassembling at retreating forest-marsh ecotone


Ph.D., Environmental Science, Beijing Normal University, China, 2018

Joint Ph.D., Ecological Modelling, Faculty of ITC, University of Twente, the Netherlands, 2016

B.S., Environmental Science, Northwest A&F University, China, 2012


Qi M., Sun T., Xue S., Yang W., and Shao D. Martínez-López J..Competitive ability, stress tolerance and plant interactions along stress gradients. Ecology 99. 4 (2018): 848-857. DOI:10.1002/ecy.2147

Qi M., Sun T, Zhang H, Zhu M, Y, Shao D, and Voinov A.. Maintaining natural salt barrens inhibit the spread of an invasive marsh grass. Ecosphere 8. 10 (2017) DOI: 10.1002/ecs2.1982

Feng Y., Sun T., Zhu M., Qi M., Yang W., and Shao D.. Salt marsh vegetation distribution pattern along groundwater table and salinity gradient in Yellow River Estuary. Ecological indicators 92: 82-90 (2017). DOI: 10.1016/j.ecolind.2017.09.027

Qi M., Feng M., Sun T., and Yang W..Resilience change in watershed systems: a new perspective to quantify long-term hydrological processes shifts under perturbations. Journal of Hydrology 539 (2016) :281-289

Qi M., Sun T., Zhan M., and Xue S..Simulating dynamic vegetation changes in a tidal restriction area with relative stress tolerance curves. Wetlands 36. 1 (2016) :31-43

Tang S., Sun T., Shen X., Qi M., and Feng M.. Modeling net ecosystem metabolism influenced by artificial hydrological regulation: An application to the Yellow River Estuary, China. Ecological Engineering 76 (2015):84-94


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