Harlan Trust Continues to Aid Student Research

Jose Hermina works in Martin Lab
August 04, 2016

Scholarships supported by the Harlan Trust, which was established by a generous bequest from the estate of Wilber V. (Bill) Harlan, AA ’35, BS ’35 in 2011, are supporting exciting student research projects again this year. The scholarships, which include research stipends and tuition assistance, are merit-based and fund semester and summer research projects for about 12 undergraduate and 21 graduate students each year, as well as specialized workshops and courses.

Some of the projects that this year’s Harlan Scholars are conducting include determining how the protein amylin misfolded to initiate type 2 diabetes, the role of fungal species interactions in forest ecosystems, the developmental pattern of tissues in the fish head and their function in the adult organism, computational biology, morphology and whole genome analyses to determine the evolutionary relationships between fish species, and the use of CRISPER in patterns of butterfly wing patterns. They are also experiencing science in practice by visiting researchers working at the Smithosonian's Natural History Museum, the National Zoo and the National Aquarium in Baltimore. The students will be attending seminars throughout the summer that will inform them on how to create a poster, a presentation, a senior thesis proposal and a journal article. At the end of the program, the students will submit both a proposal and a poster that will be presented at our annual Harlan Graduate and Undergraduate poster session.

The following undergraduates and their mentors received the 2016 award: Carolina Cordoza (Adam Smith and Hartmut Doebel) , Karly Cohen (Patricia Hernandez), Jose Hermina (Arnaud Martin), Meghana Keswani (Aleksander Jeremic), Domenika Redzio (James Clark), Madeline Stimson (Guillermo Orti), Brinda Temburni (Scott Powell), Ryan Wagstaff (Mollie Manier), and Emily Wendel (Leon Grayfer). Additionally, 3 undergraduates who received the Luther Rice Fellowship were also offered the Harlan Scholarship and we are funding their tuition award Acacia Ackles (Patricia Hernandez), Henry Betts (Amy Zanne), and Sharif Chebbo (Mollie Manier).