GW Biology Goes Green

GW Bio Goes Green!
November 14, 2016

The GW Biology Department is on its way to becoming a certified GW Green Office. For the past few months, we have been making some changes in our office to do our part in promoting sustainable practices. We only have one Earth, and are doing our best to take care of it!

Check out some of the changes we’ve made:

  • Transition from use of paper coffee cups to bring-your-own mug. Approximately 150 less cups per week being trashed.
  • Remainder of paper goods used are made from recycled content.
  • Implementation of visual prompts on printers and copier to use double-sided pages and print sparingly.
  • Prompts on light switches to conserve energy when not in use.
  • Prompts over paired recycling and trash bins to indicate how to dispose of waste properly.
  • Switch to rechargeable batteries.
  • Use of a collection box to recycle non-rechargeable batteries.
  • Sharing of informational material on how to use more sustainable transportation options.

We recently kicked off the GW Bio Goes Green challenge, which encourages Biology students to also demonstrate their green skills. With the hashtag #GWBioGoesGreen, students can compete with faculty and staff to see who has the best, and most, green habits.

Between November 7th and December 7th, students are encouraged to photograph the ways they’ve gone “green!” They’ve been sharing their pictures with the #GWBioGoesGreen hashtag. At the end of the challenge, the lab with the most points will win a prize. We are so proud of our students and the initiative they’ve been taking. View some of their pictures below! 

By Christina Sivulka