Felix Zajitschek

Felix Zajitschek

Postdoctoral Scientist
Address: 800 22nd Street, 6003
Washington, District Of Columbia
United States
[email protected]
My research interests are in the field of evolutionary ecology, especially in ageing and senescence, life-history trade-offs, why these trade-offs might be different between the sexes, and what this means for the evolution of optimal strategies within the sexes. By combining sexual selection theory with life-history theory I aim to better understand the complex relationship between the outcome of sex-specific forces of sexual and natural selection. I am using experimental approaches to study these questions on the phenotypic and genetic level.
My work with Mollie Manier at GWU centres around two topics.
First, I study sexual conflict through antagonistic alleles for male sperm lengths and female reproductive tract morphology, using D. melanogaster artificial selection lines, selected for short and long sperm cells, and for short and long seminal receptacles, the primary sperm storage organ in female fruit flies.
Second, I work on transgenerational epigenetic effects of diet and age on postcopulatory sexual selection. These studies will involve extensive profiling of gene expression through RNA-seq and finding the proximate genetic mechanism responsible for this epigenetic system of inheritance.
Information on my previous projects and ongoing involvements can be found on my website: felix.zajitschek.net


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