Fall 2012

(Corcoran Hall 106)

Date Speaker Title Host
September 7 Audrey Majeske Dissertation Seminar: "SP185/333 Gene Family Expression in Sea Urchin Tissues and Knockdown by RNA Interference" Courtney Smith
September 14
Departmental Safety Seminar - Mandatory for faculty and grad students
**Note Location Change: Phillips B156
September 21 Dr. Eric Haag, University of Maryland "Genetics of Evolutionary Adaption" Damien O'Halloran
September 28 Dr. Frank Burbrink "Evidence for Determinism in Species Diversification and Contingency in Phenotypic Evolution During Adaptive Radiation" Alex Pyron
October 5 Dr. Sean McHahon, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center "Towards a Physiological Phenology: What Seasons Mean to Trees" Amy Zanne
October 19 Dr. Keith Crandall, Director- GW Computational Biology Institute "Next-gen Phylogenetics and Evolution" Diana Lipscomb
November 2 Dr. Antony Jose, University of Maryland "Movement of RNA silencing between cells in the worm c. Elegans" Damien O'Halloran
November 9 Carlye Ausin Dissertation Seminar: "Distragution of Intravenously-Injected Silver Nano particles in Pregnant Mice and Embyros Ken Brown
November 16 Dr. Ann Corsi, Catholic University of America "Grab a partner and do the "Twist": A tale of C. elegans transcription" Damien O'Halloran
November 30 Paaqua Grant Dissertation Seminar: "Roles of Maternally Derived mRNAs in Neural Development: Using Xenopus laevis as a Model Organism." Diana Johnson