Fall 2011

Date Speaker Title Host
September 2 New Graduate Student Reception
September 9 Frederico G. Hoffman, Mississippi State Univeristy "Evolutions of vertebrate globins" genes and genome duplications in the evolution of oxygen transport. Guillermo Orti
September 16 University Faculty Meeting
September 23 Risk Management, Environmental Health & Safety Departments Safety Seminar: Earthquakes

Pizzonia, Rutter, Scully

September 30 Abtibus Rijasm Vanderbilt University "RNA-Seq and phylogenetics, and Next Generation Sequencing application to evolutionary biology" (At the Smithsonian) Smithsonian
October 7 Carl Wieman, University of British Columbia, University of Colorado, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, 1995 Nobel Prize (Physics) "Taking a Scientific Approach to Learning and Teaching Science" Doebel, Donaldson
October 14 Ken Kozak, University of Minnesota "Phylogeny, ecology, and the origin and fate of species richness gradients" Alex Pyron
October 21 Photographies and narration by our own Alex Pyron, Cathy Forster, Jim Clark, and G. Orti "Biodiversity Explorations around the world: Sri Lanka, South Africa, China, and the Amazon" Guillermo Orti
October 28 Lauren Buckley, University of North Carolina "The biogeography of ectothermy and endothermy in changing environments"  Alex Pyron
November 4 Robin Wright, University of Minnesota "From lecture to learning: teaching more by talking less" Doebel, Donaldson
November 11 Erin Wilson, University of Maryland "Shifts in yellowjacket life history modify invasion impacts in Hawaiian ecosystems" John Lill
November 18 Dr. Mary Beth Staffo, NSF Program Director "A mutualism with parasitic origins: a surprising three-parner symbiosis in marine animals" Smith
December 2 Dr. Alexa Bely, University of Maryland "Evolution of regeneration: insights from annelids" Guillermo Orti
December 9 Daniel Lumban Tobing, GWU PhD Candidate "Phylogenetic Systematics and Biogeography of the Genus Rasbora sensu lato (Teleostei: Cyprinidae)" Guillermo Orti