Fall 2010

Name Speaker Title Host
September 3 No Seminar
September 10 No Seminar
September 17 A. Ramoorthy, University of Michigan "Structure of Membrane-Associated Cytochrome b5-P450 and Amyloid Proteins by NMR" Jeremic
September 24 GWU Biology Safety Seminar Safety procedures for faculty, staff, students and researchers Steimer, Scully
October 1 No Seminar
October 8 H. López-Fernández, Royal Ontario Museum "Phylogeny and adaptive radiations in Neotropical Cichlids" Guillermo Orti
October 15 Michael Alfaro, UCLA "Phylogenetic Macroevolution: New Tools and Perspectives" Hernandez
October 22 Helen James, Bird Division at the NMNH "The Ecological and Evolutionary History of Hawaiian Birds"

Jim Clark

October 29 Cindy Sagers, NSF/University of Arkansas TBA John Lill, Stoepler
November 5 James Hanken, Harvard University "Marrying the old and the new: Contemporary approaches to studying cranial development and evolution in vertebrates" Hernandez
November 12 T. Daeschler, Academy of Natural Sciences Philadelphia "Great Steps in the History of Life; Investigating the Origin on Limbed Vertebrates" Forster
November 19 M. Massiah, GWU- Department of Chemistry "Probing the structural basis of Opitz Syndrome: regulation of protein function" Jeremic
November 26 Thanksgiving Break
December 3 Craig Albertson, Syracuse University "Toward a mechanistic understanding of craniofacial evolution among Lake Malawi Cichlids"


December 10 Q. Wheeler, Arizona State University TBA Hormiga