Biology Seminars

Each Friday during the academic year the department offers a seminar featuring special speakers and visiting scholars. Seminars are held at 3:30 pm in SEH B1220.


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Dr. Ken Brown
Ken M. Brown

Professor Emeritus of Biology and Genetics
Role of catecholamines and serotonin in embryogenesis
Dr. John Burns
John Burns

Professor Emeritus of Zoology
Reproductive biology and comparative morphology of fishes
Dr. Jim Clark
Jim Clark

Ronald Weintraub Professor of Biology
Fossil vertebrates from the age of dinosaurs
Dr. Keith Crandall
Development and testing through computer simulation of methods for the analysis of DNA sequence data
Dr. Hartmut Doebel
Hartmut Doebel

Assistant Professor of Biology
Population ecology, predator-prey interactions, wetland ecology, and the biology of pollinators
Dr. Rob Donaldon
Rob Donaldson

Chair, Professor of Biology
Plant biochemistry and proteins of peroxisomes
Dr. Ioannis Eleftherianos
Associate Professor of Molecular Biology
Insect infection and immunity
Dr. Catherine Forster
Paleontology and systematics of dinosaurs
Dr. Keryn Gedan
Keryn Gedan

Professor of Ecology
Ecology of coastal ecosystems and ecological consequences of human impacts
Dr. Leon Grayfer
Leon Grayfer

Assistant Professor of Biology
Comparative immunity and antimicrobial defenses of poikilothermic vertebrates
Dr. LaTisha Hammond
LaTisha Hammond

Assistant Professor of Honors and Biology
Pedagogical strategies and climate change education
Dr. Patricia Hernandez
Patricia Hernandez

Associate Professor of Biology
Functional morphology and anatomy of vertebrates
Dr. Gustavo Hormiga
Gustavo Hormiga

Ruth Weintraub Professor of Biology
Systematics of spiders
Dr. Aleksandar Jeremic
Aleksandar Jeremic

Associate Professor of Biology
Molecular neuroendocrinology
Dr. Carly Jordan
Carly Jordan

Assistant Professor of Biology
Women's Leadership Program
Dr. John Lill
John Lill

Associate Professor of Biology
Plant-insect interactions
Dr. Diana Lipscomb
Diana Lipscomb

Ronald Weintraub Professor of Biology
Evolution of protozoa
Dr. Mollie Manier
Mollie Manier

Assistant Professor of Biology
Evolutionary consequences of adaptive variation in sperm and sperm storage organs 
Dr. Arnaud Martin
Arnaud Martin

Assistant Professor of Biology
Evolutionary and Developmental genetics of butterflies and Moths
Dr. Daoud Meerzaman
Daoud Meerzaman

Adjunct Professor of Biology
Bioinformatic analyses of cancer genomes
Dr. Damien O'Halloran
Damien O'Halloran

Assistant Professor of Biology
Sensory plasticity and the role of sodium/calcium ion exchangers in the nervous system
Dr. Guillermo Orti
Louis Weintraub Professor of Biology
Molecular systematics and phylogeography
Dr. Randall Packer
Randall Packer

Robert Weintraub Professor of Biology
Regulation of blood pressure and electrolyte balance 
Dr. Scott Powell
Scott Powell 

Assistant Professor of Biology
Community and evolutionary ecology, tropical biology, and ant biology
Dr. Alex Pyron
Alex Pyron

Robert F. Griggs Assistant Professor of Biology
Systematics of reptiles and amphibians 
Dr. Tara Scully
Tara Scully

Teaching Assistant Professor of Biology
Repopulation of oysters and sea grasses in the Chesapeake Bay
Dr. Adam Smith
Adam Smith

Assistant Professor of Biology
Animal behavior, bees, social insects, ecology and evolution, tropical biology
Dr. Courtney Smith
Professor of Biology
Molecular evolution of immune systems
Dr. Richard Tollo
Richard Tollo

Professor of Biology
Director of Geological Sciences Program
Physical geology, petrology, minerology and geobotany
Dr. Amy Zanne
Amy Zanne

Associate Professor of Biology
Plant physiology, ecology and evolution