Colleen Nell

Postdoctoral Scientist
[email protected]
Colleen Nell

Current Research

I am broadly interested in the ecological and evolutionary dynamics of multi-trophic interactions. At GWU, I am working with Dr. John Lill to characterize the structure of food webs containing trees, Lepidopteran herbivores, and their associated parasitoid natural enemies.


Ph.D. Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of California, Irvine, USA. 2018.

B.A., Environmental Science & Biology, Drake University, Iowa, USA. 2011.


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Moreira, X., Nell, C.S., Rasmann, S., and Mooney, K.A. (2018). Specificity of plant-plant communication for Baccharis salicifolia sexes but not genotypes. Ecology. 99. 12:2731-2739.

Nell, C.S., Meza-Lopez, M.M., Croy, J., Nelson, A., Moreira, X., Pratt, J., and Mooney, K.A. (2018). Relative effects of genetic variation sensu lato and sexual dimorphism on plant traits and associated arthropod communities. Oecologia. 187: 389.

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John Lill