Class Notes, Spring 2019

February 23, 2019

George Chang, BS ’82, is a urologist at Medstar Washington Hospital Center in Washington D.C.

Thomas Clark, BS ’70, MD ’74, graduated from GW School of Medicine in 1974, and trained first in surgery at OSU, and then in internal medicine at GW and WVAH. He practiced emergency medicine in D.C., and then in Northern Virginia for the past 40 years.

Anna Crosby, BS ’16, is based in Yosemite National Park as a biological science technician. She is currently working on a reintroduction of the Western Pond Turtle to Yosemite Valley, and monitors populations of turtles throughout the Sierra Nevada backcountry.

Timothy Decker, BA ’75, has been a family physician in Alabama for 36 years.

Henry Fooks, BS ’77, MD, FACS, is an associate professor of urology at West Virginia University School of Medicine. He is a member of the department's promotion and tenure committee, the medical school's admissions committee and academy of advisors.

Kim Furtado, BS ’94, is a naturopathic doctor in private practice in Lewes, Delaware, since 2001. She specializing in women's health care, herbal medicine, chronic illness, endocrinology and gastroenterology. Two of her five daughters attend or have graduated from GW.

Maria Gergoudis, BS ’19, is working full time as an orthopedic scribe post-graduation. She remains active on the GW Triathlon Team and is studying for the MCAT.

Jason Goldberg, BA ’06, is studying the contribution of chemotherapy towards cardiac dysfunction in children at St. Jude Children's Hospital in Memphis, Tenn.

Justin Greco, BS ’12, graduated from medical school at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and is now thriving as an Intern in general surgery at Yale-New Haven Health.

Kylee Grenis, BS ’10, graduated with her PhD in ecology, evolution and biodiversity from the University of Denver in 2016.  She studied the impact of light pollution on invertebrate communities and species interactions for her dissertation.

Christopher Hsu, BA ’07, is celebrating his three-year anniversary at GlaxoSmithKline, serving as the global program management lead for the company's Neisseria Meningitidis vaccine franchise.

Jay Katzen, BA ’67, MD '72, interned at the Washington Hospital Center and did his residency at the University Hospital (Baltimore) in ophthalmology. He previously served on GW’s Board of Trustees and currently serves on the board of the Katzen Cancer Center and GW’s School of Medicine and Health Sciences Dean's Advisory Council.

Christina Lee, BS ’09, continued to pursue her passion for research in cancer and is currently at Stanford University as a post-doctoral fellow.

Sahira Long, BA ’95, obtained her doctorate of medicine from the GW School of Medicine, after minoring in biology. She is currently the medical director of the Children's Health Center Anacostia location and is an associate professor in the Department of Pediatrics.

Nyaradzai Mahachi, BS ’98, is an entrepreneur running a successful fashion design business. Her clothing label, Nyaradzai, showcased at Africa Fashion Week, iconic Runway in Lagos last year. She is based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Jeff Mattero, BA ’76, never got into med school, and switched careers to become an options trader on the floor of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange. He is now a semi-retired real estate investor. You can find him on Facebook.

Michele Meltzer, BS ’71, is a rheumatologist who is  president of Rheumatology for All, a nonprofit whose mission is to increase access to rheumatology care in resource limited areas. Ethiopia is currently the area of focus.

Angela Molina, BS ’86, is working as an anesthesiologist in the Monterey Bay. She is staying curious, still learning and growing.

Sarah Murad, BS ’18, is now a medical student at one of the world's top 100 medical schools. She also conducts research at Dasman Diabetes Institute in Kuwait.

Hannah Perry, BA ’17, is currently a science assistant at the National Science Foundation, advising funding decisions and addressing broadening participation of underrepresented groups in the Biology Directorate.

Lauren Peterson, BS ’06, began working as a patent attorney after graduating from GW Law. She later shifted her focus to international trade litigation and was recently promoted to counsel at Adduci Mastriani & Schaumberg in Washington, D.C.

Phillip Proctor, BA ’81, attended Tulane University Medical School after graduation. He subsequently completed a residency in urology at Howard University Hospital and currently is practicing urology in the D.C.-metro area for the past 25 years.

Randdie-Joyce Rameau, BS ’12, received both her BS and MPH at GW. She moved from Washington, D.C.,  to pursue her medical degree in osteopathic medicine. She  aspires to return to Haïti to promote improved population health outcomes.

James Randall, BS ’16, completed his biology degree from GW in 2016 and went on to earn his MPH from the Yale School of Public Health. He has authored papers related to surgery, gender equity in medicine and precision health. He now works at the Milken Institute.

Jennifer Romanello, BS ’17, graduated from GW in 2017 with a BS in biological sciences. She currently works at Shady Grove Fertility, doing research and serving on the practice's ethics committee. She will be attending medical school in the fall.

Heath Schmidt, BS ’99 was promoted to associate professor with tenure at the University of Pennsylvania. Heath leads a NIH-funded research program focused on the neuroscience of substance use disorders. 

Karen Akosua Schooler, M.D., BS ’95, has been elected to president of the Greensboro Medical Society and chair of its foundation. She is an internal medicine physician with Novant Health Medical Group-Strategic Growth Division and is a member of Novant Health Equity Council.

Alicia (Rice) Schueler, BA ’01, moved, with her husband and son, to a new farm that she and her husband planned from the ground up. She will continue to manage the organic farm raising vegetables, cattle, sheep, chickens and training a variety of equines.

Shabnam Shahabadi, BA ’99, attended GW school of medicine and received her MD in 2003 after completing her BA from GW. She is a practicing dermatologist in Fairfax , Va.  She is a consultant dermatologist at INOVA Fairfax Hospital.

Andrew Stancioff, MS ’64, pursued a career in marine geology, remote sensing, mineral exploration and international development. He worked in Canada, Latin America and Asia as well as 40 years in support of international development programs in Africa.

Dedeene Thompson-Montgomery, BA ’92, is a research associate at the American Red Cross Jerome Holland Laboratory. She assists in conducting research studies on blood and blood components, and credits her time and classes at GWU in helping her in where she is today.

Terrence Turpen, BS ’72, is a physician assistant in surgery and geriatric medicine. Terry and his wife live on a farm in Herald, Calif., and have a walnut orchard to carry them through retirement. They have five children and 10 grandchildren.

Althea Tyndall-Smith, BA ’91, received her MD degree and practiced in York, Penn., for eight years before transferring to University of Florida College of Medicine as an assistant professor until June 2018. In Sept 2018, she opened her own medical practice, Gainesville Direct Primary Care Physicians.

Paul Upman, BA ’70, served in the Navy for four years as a hospital corpsman, prior to attending GW. Paul worked 41 years in research, specializing in biocompatibility testing of medical devices. He retired in 2006 as director of science affairs, NAmSA, Northwood, Ohio.

Leonard Wartofsky, BS ’59, MA ’61, ’95, MD ’64, was honored with the award of doctoral degree 'Honoris Doctor Causa' from the University of Poznan, Poland, in May 2018 and from the University of Athens, Greece, in June 2018.

Simon Wentworth, BS ’17, spent a year scribing in a number of departments in numerous D.C. hospitals following his graduation from GW. He was then accepted and has matriculated into a MD/PhD program at the University of Massachusetts Medical School where he is currently in good standing.

Jordan Werner, BA ’10, began residency in orthopedic surgery at NYU Langone Orthopedic Hospital after attending GW Medical School. He is currently a senior resident and is interviewing for a fellowship in adult reconstruction/hip and knee arthroplasty.

Mitchell Zeitler, BS ’76, went on to a MS in physiology at GT Graduate School for A and S and then back to GW for a degree in medicine at the School for Health and Medical Sciences. Mitchell Presently practicing anesthesiology in Naples, Fla.