Cellular and Molecular Biology

Bonnie Lun in the C. Smith lab examines S. Purpuratus sea urchins.

Graduate research opportunities in cell and molecular biology cover a wide variety of topics, but many are cofused on interests in immunology and neurobiology, but also include development and cell biology. Research projects involve well-studied model systems, non-model organisms, and comparisons among different types of organisms, and often include active collaborations with biologists at the GW Institute for Biomedical Sciences, the GW Computational Biology Institute, faculty in other departments including Chemistry and Physics, and local institutions such as the NIH, the FDA, and the USDA. Faculty with research interests in this area include Professors Donaldson, Eleftherianos, Grayfer, Hernandez, Jeremic, Johnson, Manier, O'Halloran, Packer, Scully, and LC Smith

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