Cell and Molecular Biology Concentration

Developing good microscopy technique.

The purpose of this concentration is to prepare students for advanced study and careers in all areas of cellular and molecular biology.

Additional Core Requirement (3 credits)

BISC 3209 Molecular Biology (3) (Fall)

Additional Chemistry requirements (minimum 7 credits)

  • CHEM 2151 + 2153 Organic Chemistry I (3) + Organic Chemistry Lab (1)
  • CHEM 2152 + 2154 Organic Chemistry II (3) + Organic Chemistry Lab (1) >/p>
  • OR CHEM 3165 Biochemistry I (3)
  • OR BISC 3261 Introductory Medical Biochemistry (4)

Laboratory Requirements: (minimum 5 credits). Students on this concentration must enroll in at least 2 BISC courses numbered 2000 or higher that have a laboratory component, either built into the course or as a separate course number. Students also must complete 3 credits of BISC 4171/4171W, Undergraduate Research. Students who qualify based on academic performance are strongly encouraged to develop an honors thesis based on their research experience.

Additional Biology Requirements: (minimum 12 credits) Students must also choose at least one 3 credit course from each of the four categories of courses listed below: Systems Electives, Organisms Electives, Evolution, Ecology and Environment Electives, Quantitative Electives. A statistics course from the Quantitative Electives choices is recommended.

Minimum no. of science credits required, 60 (Core 23, Chem 16, Physics 4, Bio Labs 5, Bio Categories 12)

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