Appendix B

Information For Setting Up The Final Oral Examination For PH.D. Students

Dissertation Research Committee Signoff Form

This form must be signed by the dissertation director (and co-director, if applicable) and the two faculty readers. When this is filed with the Graduate Advisor, it is appropriate to proceed with the details of setting up the actual examination committee and date.

Examining Committee

There should be a minimum of four examiners, beyond the dissertation director. Normally, two of these are the readers for the dissertation. The Columbian College asks that at least one examiner be a person from outside the Home Department. (A GWU faculty member from another department meets this standard).

If an expert away from the University is invited, an honorarium is offered, if approved in advance by the Dean. The Graduate College prefers to hold the number of "outsiders' in each case to one person, where possible, due to budget constraints. A student's current or prospective employer is not considered an appropriate person to serve as an examiner.

Names and titles of the individuals are to be reported to the Graduate Advisor a minimum of one month prior to the examination.

Student's Dissertation Abstract

An abstract and other information about the student and dissertation must be filed with the Department secretary at approximately the same time as the final approval form, to be incorporated into the announcement of the Defense sent to the Department members. This same time period is also useful for those examiners who are new to the dissertation and want to give it their thoughtful attention.

Copies of Dissertation

All dissertations are to be submitted electronically. Paper copies will not be accepted. Information on steps in submission, deadlines, format, and best practices can be found on our Theses and Dissertations page. If there are any questions on these matters, please contact the Graduate Studies Office Contact Adrienne Douglass.